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The Rock returned to the WWE to announce that the show had broken the Wrestle Mania record attendance with a new figure of 101,763 being announced, but he was soon confronted by the Wyatt Family.

As Bray Wyatt confronted ‘The Great One’, Rock challenged him to a fight, and after Erick Rowan duly stepped up, Rock delivered a Rock Bottom and won inside seven seconds.

NXT star Baron Corbin was left the last man standing in the Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal after eliminating Kane, having already seen NBA legend Shaquille O’Neal enter the match and battle with Big Show until the pair were eliminated by all the other Superstars.

On the Wrestle Mania Kick-Off Show, Team Total Divas got things underway as Paige, Alicia Foxx, Eva Marie, Natalya and Brie Belle united to take on Team B. D & Blonde in Tamina, Naomi, Summer Rae, Emma and Lana.

The following year Sexy Star once again competed in the annual Reina de Reinas tournament, but lost to Mari Apache in a five-way match that also included Chikayo Nagashima, Martha Villalobos, and Sonoko Kato.

Paige took the brunt of the attack before she managed to tag in Brie, who took the fight to Lana and Naomi in particular and picked up the win by pinning the latter, before she was joined in the ring by her sister, Nikki, who made a surprise return.

The Dudley Boyz also got a taste of their own medicine, as The Usos defeated the veteran tag team before landing a double splash through a pair of tables.

The Wyatt’s attacked as a result, but there was a shock twist as John Cena returned from injury to help his former Wrestle Mania rival.

Charlotte won a thrilling triple-threat for the new Women’s Championship – as unveiled by Hall of Famer Lita – with the Divas Championship and name being retired.

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Sexy Star's first major angle in AAA began in early 2009 as she was written into a long running storyline between real life husband and wife Billy Boy and Faby Apache.